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The IPL team rewrites the Mumbai Indians Mustafiz

Mustafizur Rahman had identified himself in his first season of the IPL. Cutter, Slayer, Yorker, Swing had confused the opponents. Sunrisers Hyderabad played the leading role in winning the title. As a recognition, the award of the best emerging player of the tournament was received.

The following season seized Mustafiz in Hyderabad. But he did not play more than one match. This time the franchisee has left him. Mumbai Indians, defending champion, took advantage of this chance. Rohit Sharma on the shoulders of the franchisee He was fascinated by the performance of his predecessor's teammate in the Nidhaus Trophy.

Mustafiz sent Rohit to the showroom for the first time in the group stage of the three-nation Twenty20 series. In the whole series, the first spell has been fantastic, Bangladesh bowling surprise. In the final of the final, he hoped to win the team by 1 for 1 in the 18th over. Rohit will be leading the 11th edition of the IPL, which starts on April 7.

This is a thriller Indian acting captain, 'I am thrilled and thrilled to get Mustafiz in my team. He is a very promising and ambitious potential bowler. And international cricket resources. Hopefully, he will do well for Mumbai.

Yesterday was the match-fixing match. Feij is bowling great in that match. Only 21 runs in 4 overs. Holds a valuable 1 wicket. Bangladesh were dreaming of winning multiple team tournaments for the first time in their fourth over in the unbeaten bowling. But the last thing is that Dinesh Karthik's chakkaya dreams are broken.

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