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When the 'no ball' scandal will get rid of Bangladesh

Any important match in Bangladesh means that bad umpiring. Tigers have become such a fate for the last three years. Starting from the 2015 World Cup The no-ball scandal against India in the quarter-finals was a storm of condemnation in the whole world. Former Indian cricketers also condemned the bad decisions of umpires Ian Gold and Alim Dar. Now the question is, when will the Tigers get rid of this no-ball scam?

No-ball scandal was seen again on Friday at the Nidhaus Trophy stage. Villan is the Sri Lankan umpire. It was a great match against Sri Lanka in the final match. In the last over, the two balls were on the shoulders but the umpire did not call any ball. The Bangladesh Shibir has become badly affected by this. Mahmud Ullah, who was involved in the confusion with the umpires in the field, Outside the field, the captaincy Shakib appeared in the captaincy Shakib.

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Then there was a lot of tension in the match. The fourth umpire came running to stop Shakib. But the captain said about match boycott. Two batsmen were ordered to leave the field. In fact, everyone understood that at that moment no value was worth a run and a free hit at that moment. But the umpire is determined by the bias. Khalid Mahmud Sujon, finally stopped excited to return to the dressing room.

The match starts again. Mahmud Ullah won the magic of Bangladesh Sure the final Shakib Al Hasan's team will go into tomorrow's match against India tomorrow. But for the excited behavior Shakib got punishment. Nurul Hasan Sohan, who was out of the eleven, was punished. If there is such a bad umpiring against Sri Lankan cricket fans before the match against India, then the influential member of the ICC will face no situation against India!

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