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Shakib, who will be dropped

Bangladesh-Sri Lankan have played three matches in the Nidhaus Trophy so far Everyone wins one, rate two. As a result, the match of Friday's match will be declared as 'Semi-finals' on Friday. The team that won will win the final. Tiger all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan can play in the match!

BCB sources said Shakib was completely recovered. Already started the practice. Going to Sri Lanka this afternoon Tomorrow he will play in the semifinal!

Obviously there is hope for Bangladesh for the team found in Shakib. But if he plays, one has to be dropped from last eleven. Who is that person It started with speculation-imagination.

Liton Kumar Das went to Sri Lanka instead of the world's all-rounder. That's why he was to be dropped. But he has made the place playing well in the tournament.

Soumya Sarker and Mehdi Hasan Miraj are flop in the whole tournament. They could not fire the bat or the ball. So it is being speculated that Shakib can be dropped if any one of Saumya and Miraj!

Of course, Sabbir Rahman did not have a very good time. Then he will be excluded? But not, in the first and third matches of the series, comparisons and he has done better than everyone. The hardheater can survive!

Now let's see who is going to knock out in a great match to make Shakib the place.

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