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Ashraful was burnt again

Ashraful was burnt again His talent was seen. He came back with a running fountain. Mohammad Ashraful's match was seen yesterday by Mohammad Ashraful. He played 64 innings against the legend of Rupganj in the Dhaka Premier League. Although Kalabagan Krira Chakra could not win his FIFA Earlier, Kalabagan were reduced to 288 runs in reply to Rupganj's 314 for 5 wickets. This is the seventh of Kalabagan in this league match of 26 runs.

Kalabagan was running well behind big targets They were dismissed for 199 runs by 199 runs. But did not last. If Ashraful could take the FIFA innings to its third century in this year's Premier League, then the team could have been able to. Ashraful could have come very well if the third century was in the discussion.

After losing a century in the third match of his Premier League, he lost his way again. After two consecutive vacations, the team was left to fall apart. Coal Jalal Ahmed took Chowdhury's request and made it to the team. Last week in the match, he played an innings of 102 runs in the match. Then again zero! Then again, 67 fours and 64 fours. Ashraful's entire career summary should be the premier league this season.
Ashraful's innings against Rupganj, however, is not the highest. Indian cricketer Sreevat Goswami has come from the bat 75. Besides, Kalabagan could not avoid the loss of Mahmudul Hasan 30, Abul Hasan 34 and Faruq Hossain 29 runs.

The biggest contribution of Rupganj to 314 runs is Salahuddin Pappur. Mohammad Naeem (45), Naeem Islam (61) and Parvez Rasool (32) Salauddin's 125 runs 95 runs It has 12 four and eight six. Kalabaganera Abul Hasan and Taibur Rahman took two wickets each.

Another forgotten cricketer, Naeem Islam, but this is a wonderful series. He scored 489 runs at an average of 69.85 in 1 Century and 4 Fifties.

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