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Bangladesh has done great things, admits India too

In the first match of the Nidhas Trophy, Bangladesh's batting in the match against India was shaky. The total was not more than 139 runs on that day. It can not be said that the hardest thing India has to do to win the match, but it took them 18.2 overs to finish the match. If you win the match against Sri Lanka in the 214s, then it is possible that the cricketers of Bangladesh could get 30-40 runs more!

The Nidhaus Trophy has now become an open competition. Three teams win one. Host Sri Lanka, however, is ahead of India and Bangladesh in the run-rate. India has second place. Bangladesh is three Rohit Sharma's team is not seen to see the option of winning before returning to the play-off against Sri Lanka today. Sri Lanka will go a long way in the finals of the final. Why India will let it be!

Indian fast bowler Joydev Unadkat has been confident of winning the press conference before the match with Sri Lanka. The left handed pacer, who has been India's representative, has also expressed his appreciation for his record run against Sri Lanka.
Unadkat believes Bangladesh has made a possible difference against Sri Lanka, "We have seen great runs and we have seen it. It is a great thing to chase 214 runs against any team in this edition. Standing in the pressure, Bangladesh played really well.

Unadkat also gave an explanation of how Bangladesh has chased away in the year -14, "I think they have done a great deal of implementation of their plan. How they bowl Sri Lankans, they keep in mind what they can do. That's why it has been possible.
The competition for the win of three teams is now very open. It looks like this Indian paceman, 'The competition is now much more open. That is why the players are much more excited. '

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