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When will the Tiger army win

When will the Tiger force win? Tiger Shibir was desperate to win but it was not the last save. Bangladesh got 140 runs in front of the target of boundaries. It was not easy to say that the goal was very easy for the Indians. But batsmen Shikhar Dhawan and Suresh Raina got the fire from the bat. Suresh Raina returned to the pavilion by Rubel Hossain for 110 runs in 14 overs. Manish Pandey, who came into the game after that,
Shikhar and Manisho also smiled, with the ball going in front of every 1 runs. Daleesh Karthik, who came out as the first bowler to start 18 overs, came out. Manish, the second in the second, reduced the gap between the ball and the ball. Need 9 runs in 16 balls. It is a simple equation. At the end of the verit of the need to run 3. In such a situation, Manish changed the place with 1 run to 1 run, Dinesh came to Dinesh, who gave Manish the opportunity to do so. Manish left the field with 1 run.

It is to be noted that in the first match of the Nidhas Trophy, India lost the toss against India in a T20 match, and Tigers scored 139 for 8 in 20 overs.

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