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I am a big fan of Tamim: the famous commentator Alan Wilkins

Alan Wilkins - Famous Commentator. One time domestic cricket played in his own country Welles Playboy started the commentary on the life of the commentator, but did not leave the courtroom of the cricket.

That Wilkins is working on the ongoing Pakistan Super League - PSL as commentator. Peshawar Junkie faced the Lahore Colander in the crucial match of the PSL on Saturday.

Tamim Iqbal, Bangladeshi opener who performed in this match, Tamim's partner Kamran Akmal, who played a major role in winning the team with him, The duo's 10-wicket win over the team got a huge boost.

Tamim's innings during the match, the commentators forced to open the pulpit When the other commentators of Tamim were confronted with a confrontation, at one point Wilkins said, "I am a big fan of Tamim Iqbal!"

Being a fan of a famous commentator Tamim is not unusual. The left-handed Bangladeshi openers bat in the last few years. Tests, ODIs, T-20s Tamim are in great form in all formats. And due to this, Tamim's popularity in domestic T-20 leagues like PSL is sky-high.

It is to be remembered that Lahore Knight Riders, who were batting in the match, Stay away from the scheduled 20 overs, with just 17.2 overs, the team wins 100 runs. Although the opening pair of Fakhr Zaman and Brendon McCullum got off to a good start in the 42nd opening partnership,

To win the game, without losing a wicket, Peshawar junkie can reach the desired goal. The two openers Tamim Iqbal and Kamran Akmal conceded 38 balls and all wickets were won by Mohammad Hafeez's team. Tamim, with the help of four fours, made 37 off 35 balls, and Kamran, with seven fours and two sixes, left the field with an unbeaten 57 off 47 balls.

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