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Zidane's team took off

Another bad news for Real Madrid Zidane's team took off. They were knocked out from the Copa. Earlier, the dream

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Ronaldo does what he does in the bloodstream

The head broke down after getting hurt in the game. Cristiano Ronaldo is going to take a call on Fiji's

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Messi is the best of all time

Lionel Messi scored the highest goal (366) for a club in the top five league of Europe by winning against

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PSG Free Player Neymar

When a footballer joins a team, despite the reluctance of the club, if a second person wants to buy him,

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Divala Javantas' win of the pairs

Argentina's forward Paolo DiBala added two goals in the second round of Serie A league to Vera Ronaldo. Napoli has

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Chelsea-Liverpool ends the year with victory

Chelsea and Liverpool are good at the end. Chelsea lost the Stoke City 5-0 in the final match of the

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Captain Abahani lost the last moment Chittagong Abahani

Brothers Union took away the victory of Chittagong Abahani in the last minute. In the second leg of the Bangladesh

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Abahani won the last minute and won

Abahani Limited holds the winning streak in the Premier League. In the second round, the champions won the seventh win

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