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After winning, Rohit Sharma said about the regret

After the slow start, the Indian batsmen have recovered from the storm at the end. India captain Rohit Sharma scored an unbeaten 89 against India at the Premadasa stadium on Tuesday. In reply, Bangladesh innings stopped at 159 runs.

India defeated Tigers by 17 runs to end the Nidhaas trophy finals The language of the pitch at Colombo's Premadasa Stadium is not exactly like the previous match. Like Rohit Sharma, the batsmen also poked a little bit of a slow wicket.

Rohit Sharma, who won 10-15 runs in the match after winning the match award ceremony, Besides, he has also praised Bangladesh's bowlers. Rohit has said that Tiger bowlers have done a great job in the death overs.

Moreover, he said that it was not easy for the spinners to bowl new balls. According to Rohit, "I said during the toss that it was very important to return to form for me, although I thought we were 10-15 runs short, but they bowled very well in the death overs, whatever the spell of Washington was very magical. Bowling is not so easy, so let's congratulate him on his hat. "

Apart from the spinners, other bowlers have been able to implement the plan, he said. Besides, Pitch did not behave like previous matches, he said. However, in this match, Ravichandran, with a bat in the match, hopes to keep his form in the final match, the Indian captain hoped.

In this context, Rohit said, "The rest of the bowlers have been able to implement their plans till the end, the pitches were usually not as they were and the ball was griping. The ball was not very easy to hit, so I went to the crease for a while to set. I knew it would be difficult for new batsmen, and Raina is also in great form and I hope he will do well in the final. "

"Washington was brave enough to bowl, he was not afraid to fly the ball, and was very clever in implementing his plan, it assured me that he bowled well against Sri Lanka," Rohit said while praising the sparkling Washington's bold bowling.

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