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Husband wanted to marry Bollywood heroine

Now the wife Hasin Jahan leaked another sensational information about Mohammed Shami. She said that she wanted to marry a Lalana in Bollywood, her husband is an Indian cricketer.

Hasina complained one after another but Hasina not written anything, Hasina said. Finally, on Thursday afternoon, Lalbazar's detective branch wrote a complaint. The information was found in this.

In the written complaint, Hasin mentioned that Shami was tortured by him. The cricketer and his family members threatened to kill him if he did not divorced. Because the father-in-law wanted to give his son another marriage with a wealthy actress.

This model of Kolkata demanded that he tried hard to keep the world alive. But after marrying that heroine, she must be as a guardian - after listening to such words, she is bent. All secret information is publicly leaked.

Shami complained of forced to commit sexual intercourse with Shami's elder brother.

However, Shamie denied all the allegations made by Hasin. She said that the conspiracy to destroy her career was that she asked for correct investigation of her husband's complaint.

Romance from the IPL, then Shami married Hasin in 2014. Hasin is a model of profession. There is also a daughter in her home.

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