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Called Mustafiz brother brother McCullum

Bangladesh's bright star Mostafizur Rahman In the world's popular domestic leagues, After the IPL, he has won the PSL after County. The young Turki played for Lahore Kalandar in the popular Pakistan-based franchise tournament. The captain of the team, New Zealand great Brendon McCullum,

Three-nation Twenty20 series starts in Sri Lanka from today Where Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh will host the game. Mostafiz, who has come to Colombo from Sharjah after playing five matches, has been in Colombo. But he did not forget to thank the captain of Lahore.

Tiger star Parser Social Media wrote on Twitter, feeling great playing Brendon McCullum Thanks for giving me such support, captain. Having a great experience playing PSL Now is the time to do national duty. Waiting for Sri Lankan team's success

McCullum replied to the tweet of his favorite teammate. Kevin A. Hitman wrote on Twitter, Fez, it's great tranquility to get you as a teammate. You have always tried for the team. Thank you very much for this. Best wishes for you Keep your head laughing thanks brother. See you soon

Along with McCullum, the other teammate of the team said good luck to the master. The list includes stars like Cameron Daleport, Mitchell McClenaghan and star players. Now to see, whether the success of Bangladesh's success in the best wishes of far-reaching team-mates can not be made to the wind, "The Fij".

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