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Whose words are you groaning?

Bat-ball problems may be attempted by the help of coaches and experts to overcome the cricketer. But in Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla and Chittagong's Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury stadium will have a worn thumb in the middle of the middle of the five-year-ball-problems of the ball and the coach will be able to overcome the players with the help of experts. But the Sher-e-Bangla Mirpur and Chittagong's Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury stadium will have a thornbush for the next five years. Whose words are you groaning?

If you do not dance to dance then the curtain is curved. However, the noise or the noise, or the fact that it is too loud, the debate about it forever. It is said in the dance that the ball was curved because it was curved and did not keep its rhythm. Critics said, hey Dhire, if you know dance! The armpit room's fault.

The debut of Australia's last year's Australia series and this year's Sri Lanka series has given Bangladesh two main international cricket venues. Coach, players, and even match officials say, the curved was 'groin'. Counter-technical director Khaled Mahmud The wicket was right. The Bangladesh team could not play.

Actually two things are right. There were problems in the wicket, but Bangladesh could not afford to play according to the capability. If Sri Lanka can adjust to the wicket, in the foreign conditions, Bangladesh could not!

Zaheer Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong Test batting batting, it was actually batting-heaven Twenty-five batsmen have been out in five days, 1533 runs. Match referee David Boon concluded that there was nothing for the bowlers on the wicket. It is not suitable for the test. In a report sent to the ICC's senior cricket governing body, he commented on the wicket, saying 'Below average' (below average quality). And according to the ICC pitch and outfield monitoring policy, which started from 1 January onwards, a negative (demerit) point was placed beside the field's name.

Again in Dhaka Test the incident happened again. Game ends in two and a half days! The match referee's whole opposite, it seems that this wicket is also 'Billy Overage'! A negative point alliance is the 'Kapal' of Cricket-Teerth Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla Stadium of Bangladesh. However, in the beginning of the month of August, if the ICC rules were introduced a little earlier it would have been in danger. The heaviest brown outfield in a little rain did not look as good as the match referee of Australia series Jeff Crowe. Outfield of Sher-e-Bangla Stadium told 'Poor' (bad). Only comment could have been made, there was no rule to give negative points. If at the moment the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium had negative points 3.

According to the new rules, if the outfield is 'Poor', two negative points are placed beside the stadium's name. Thus, if the negative points of outfield and wicket are 5 in 5 years, the penalty for the next 12 months will not be an international match. If the negative points are 10, the ban is 24 months.

Besides the cricketing failure of the Sri Lanka series, concerns about the ground in Bangladesh's cricket are now flowing in parallel. Bat-ball problems may be attempted by the help of coaches and experts to overcome the cricketer. But one of the two stadiums is the negative point that will have thorns in the next five years!

One of the reasons for Bangladesh's participation in the 2011 World Cup was the praise of the venues. There was no question about field-wicket. The 2014 World Twenty20 did not give any opportunity to complain about this. Suddenly it happened that the two main venues of the country fell into the eyes of the ICC!

There are some ideas about this with talking to more than one person. They think that the players, coaches, technical directors, even top officials of BCB, and the overwhelming pressure on the curators are the reasons for the most embarrassing situation in the home-playing field.

'Talk of the Country' becomes the wicket here before the game! At the end of the game, it remains. Vaseen curators are publicly praised when they behave according to the wicket expectations. On the contrary, they stand in the woods. The ICC may be happy to know that if the wicket does not come to mind, then the curator has to give an unwritten negative point.

But who is the negative point of the BCB? The triplets and recipes of the Sri Lankan series 'Recipe' have so many people decided that no one can be given the responsibility for the bad wicket. Curators, team management, senior players, and not the board officials!

Team management team that took the spinning wicket in the Test series against Sri Lanka, it was estimated that the team's spin-based XI. But there is a buzz, without the guidance of the team management, the curator had a batsman's request that the wicket was a batting instrument. Team management and the adjustment of the will of the batsmen, finally the wickets made of the wickets of the batsmen! In the review of the match referee, whose value is 'Billy Overage'.

Bangladesh team management wanted to get spin wickets in Dhaka also. And as a game against Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan curator of Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, Gambhir de Silva was a strong sight. Gumini also had evidence for that, the home was Sri Lankan but he did not have any loyalty to the authorities paying the salary of $ 5,500 a month.

The team management curator tried to keep the letter in letter and in spite of doing it, probably spin-poison poured a little over the wicket. After the first day, the wicket breaks, the big turn, the completion of the test in two and a half days and the 'Bolo Hour.

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