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Kohli will not play against Bangladesh!

Besides, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Boomerah pace and the spiral swing of Chawl are exempt from the death of Tamim-Sakibara

One Day World Cup in England and Wales in 2019 The BCCI is thinking of winning the title from now on. In any case, the Board does not want to see the injured cricketers who were injured earlier. At the same time, there is a need for a temporary break in the regular performers of the three versions to overcome the pressure of the draw. Apart from this, the popular domestic Twenty20 tournament is in front of the IPL. In all, the boarders are not giving much importance to the series against Bangladesh-Sri Lanka. They want to check the reserve bench for this opportunity.

Several Indian media reports, the BCCI is planning to send the second-string team to Lanka. The board is thinking about restoring Virat Kohli and Jasprit Bumahara, who are in the fire, to Kohli and pace duo Bhuvneshwar Kumar. In this case, the new pair can be seen in the pace attack. Mohammed Siraj and Basil Thapi will get the chance to get a chance to play cricket in the upcoming series. Joydev Unadkat and Saradul Thakur can stay with the two. Mayank Agarwal, the next day's batsman, can join the team. Character Patrol will lead the spin attack. Washington is pretty nice to get the opportunity to play allrounder.

However, the Indian board is giving up on Virat Kohli whether it will play. If you want to stay in rest, you can play again. If he does not play, the responsibility of leadership can be on Rohit Sharma or Ajinka Rahan's shoulders.

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