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Bangladesh wants to send message to the world

Test, sometimes frustrating in the one-day internationale, but there is also the happiness in both formats. But the Tigers' performance in the small format of cricket is not as expected. 21 matches to win in 69 matches
There is also a slip between the cricketers of the statistics page, not just the ninth of the Twenty20. Mahmudullah Riyad admitted that he has sincerely yesterday. Acting captain wants to utilize the opportunity of the Twenty20 series against Sri Lanka starting today. He said that Bangladesh wants to give a message as a team in this format. That's why the match of the two matches in the eyes of the birds Mahmudullah.
To talk about the T20 series in Mirpur Stadium yesterday, the Bangladesh skipper said that he would like to do something like this. Mahmudullah said, 'I think there is a question mark on our T-20 capability. This series has to give a message to the rest of the world. This series is very important for us, for our cricket. We want to give a message, Inshallah. '
Bangladesh could not perform in ODIs Mahmudullah said, "First of all, T-Twenty cricket is a different format. Different game. If you talk about speed, one-way speed, test speed The way we were performing in the house, we made all those hopes that we created them. Now I can not show the result. '
In the Twenty20 match against Sri Lanka, Bangladesh won only twice. Mahmudullah is hoping to turn around in the remaining two series in the ongoing series. He said, 'I always say that against whom we play on the ground, we will keep our team ahead. Although we did not perform as well as expected in Tests and ODIs. We are very optimistic. We can turn around. And I can turn around playing good cricket. '
Mahmudullah led two Tests due to Shakib's injury. T20 has also been responsible for his shoulders. However, only one day before the match, he was given the responsibility. He wants to keep the responsibilities well.
In other formats of domestic cricket, Mahmudullah's leadership has blossomed in the BPL. Cricketer of the cricket enthusiasts have been praised by his leadership. BPL has played several times as captain. The team has taken the last two of the best four times.
According to the format, Captain Mahmudullah's charisma, gambling, strategic changes, Zarjury can be seen in the Twenty20 series against Sri Lanka. He will try to get the best out of the teammates from the field.
Yesterday at the press conference said, 'Since I have been responsible, I will try my best. The way you try to get the best out of the players. We will try the same thing. You talk about BPL, I always believe in Twenty20 cricket that you can not give the players the excitement and independence. There is a lot less opportunity to perform. "Mahmudullah, who wants to give the opportunity to perform the party's new face from the senior to Mr. Mahmudullah. Everyone wants to be lively to play the best cricket with everyone.

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