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Seventeen thousand tickets ended in an hour

The second and final T-20 match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is going to be held at Sylhet International Stadium. The match starts on February 18 at 5pm. For the first time in this match, Bangladesh National Cricket Team to play Sylhet ground. Seventeen tickets ended in an hour.

Sylhet cricket enthusiasts are excited about the first match of Sylhet cricket team in Sylhet. They are worried about how they can get tickets for this match for a week.

Sylhet District Sports Association said in a press conference on Thursday that director of Bangladesh Cricket Board and Sylhet Divisional Sports Association general secretary Shafiul Alam Chowdhury Nadal.

To the audience, he said, the tickets for the second Twenty20 match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka national cricket team will not be sold at any booth. From February 16th, it will be available online through Easy Dotcom. Ticket price will be Rs. 1000 / - (one thousand), Club House 300 / - (three hundred), Eastern Gallery 100 / - (one hundred), Green Gallery 150 / (one hundred fifty) and Western Gallery 150 / - (One hundred fifty)

The current spectator capacity of Sylhet International Stadium will be sold for around eighteen thousand tickets online but seventeen thousand tickets will be sold.

But, on February 16, from 12am to 1pm or within one hour, seventeen thousand tickets have been sold in the second T-20 cricket match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka national cricket team. The Grand Stand, Club House, Eastern Gallery, Green Gallery or Western, can be seen in the website at at 1pm. None of the galleries have a ticket.

Many people expressed anger over the entry of this website to buy tickets. Some people do not even get tickets on social media, they also make comments.

Meanwhile, Sylhet Cricket fanatic viewers are now worried about playing matches as there is no scope for buying tickets in this match online.
16 February 2018 / / Habib / HR

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