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Know that the prayer of the 5 times of the prayer of Allah Almighty

Islam Desk: Prayer means prayer. Some demand for Allah Mahan Confirm or be prepared to face any problem or danger. Allah is pleased with the greatness of the person - if the slave wants him (prayer or pray), he is unhappy.

There is a specific time for any job. When praying, when it must be accepted or should not be prayeded altogether - there are many different directions in Islam. Because Islam is a full-fledged life provision.

Several hadiths have been discussed for some time when a prayer or prayer is to be accepted in Allah's court. Let's know if it is acceptable to pray when and when it is late.

Now, know that 5 times the prayer of Allah Almighty accepts: -

1. If the last third of the night is prayed, it is accepted - the last third of the night prayer is accepted. According to Hadrat Abu Huraira (ra), Hazrat Rasool (peace be upon him) said, 'In the last third of every night, Allah came down to the nearest nearest heaven and said, Who is calling me? I will respond to your call. Who wants me? I give it to him. Who is asking for forgiveness from me, 'I will forgive you. (Muslim)

2. The prayer of the day of Jumuar is accepted - Hazrat Abu Huraira (ra) said, "The Messenger (peace be upon him) was discussing one day on Friday with the Virtue. On that day he said, "There is a time in the day of Jupiter, in which time if a Muslim gets praying and asking for anything from Allah, Allah will surely accept his prayers or prayers, and then the Prophet (peace be upon him) The time indicates the abbreviations. '(Bukhari)

3. The prayer between the Ajan and Iqamat is accepted - Hazrat Anas (ra) narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, 'Praying between the Ajan and Iqamat is not returned.' (Tirmidhi)

4. It is accepted when prayer is done in prostration. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, 'The time in which the servant is in the nearest state of Allah is the condition of prostration. Therefore, at that time ask more than Allah or pray. "(Muslim)

5. It is accepted when the prayer of drinking water of Zamzam is accepted, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The water that will be used to drink Jamjam, it will be accepted." That is, the supplication that will be offered during drinking this water, inshaAllah it must be accepted. (Ibn Majah)

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