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Anushka and Kohli used to say in bed what to use

Once again, the new news came out of the name of the wild beast. His nature is in dispute Have a great deal of information about how to stay up to date in the debate. This time he launched his own condom brand. Brand name 'B-Boy' condom

This is not the end here. As soon as the launch of the condom brand, Rakhi made an explosive remark. An all-India media report has revealed that Rakhi Chawla used to be the newcomer Virat Kohli and Anushakkara first to launch the condom. Rakhi said Kohli used to use 'B-Boy' condom while going to bed with Anushka.

Rakhi says, 'Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are the most beautiful couple. They have already stepped into a marital life. I want them to use these condoms first and tell their feedback. I think my brand's condom is of special quality. This is the first condom with so many flavors. The brand came in the market.

Baba Ramdev has not left his own condom. He threw a direct challenge to Ramdev. Rakhi Challenge, Ramdev, bring the transition condom in the market. Then he will get a competent competitor.

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