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Two pictures of Bangladesh in International Mobile Film Festival

International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF) has got two pictures of Bangladesh. These are md. 'Burning canvas' directed by al-Hasib Khan

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Talking about the divorce given to Apu Biswas after returning to Dhaka, said Shakib Khan

About a month later, dhalide star actor Shakib Khan returned to Dhaka. On Sunday (January 21st), he returned to Kolkata

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'Padmavati' got clearance for 300 changes!

Finally, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), India's 'Padmavat' (formerly 'Padmavati') film has been cleared. It is heard that

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That is why Jit is coming to Dhaka on January 24th

The film is being released in Dhaka on Jan 26, Tollygunge, 'Inspector Nati K'. Jazz Multimedia is importing the film

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Who is this boy with whom Ronaldo from Shahrukh, everyone is busy taking pictures?

Fan is not a fan, but rather it is a celebrity herself. But what did he do for the famous

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YouTube has released a new song by Jeet-Nusrat

For the third time, the pair of super-starter Jit and Dhaka film director Faria and their new movie 'Inspector Nati'

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Virat Kohli has dropped Kohli from Anil Kumble

India captain Virat Kohli has gone to South Africa for the two-week-long wedding ceremony. But there is still no reason

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Duo duo Bollywood 2017! Take a look at the trailer

No picture of the boxing box office? Keeping the expectations of the faces of the audience who put a lot

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