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8 teams to start with the T20 league

Increase in number of foreign cricketers in the BPL That is why domestic cricketers are being deprived. So the idea of ​​organizing a Twenty20 league out of the BPL was made so that the boys could get more T20 games.

Speaking about that today, the new chairman of the Cricket Committee of Dhaka Metropolitan` CCDM ', Kazi Inam Ahmed, said today. However, this Twenty20 league will be played in Dhaka Premier Division League but no foreign player can play. Only domestic cricketers will take part.

"We have a thinking about the Twenty20 league. The six teams in the Premier League Super League, or the top eight teams of the league will take a Twenty-League league. The idea of ​​the 8-party came largely to increase the Premier League's challenge.

It is seen that the 6 teams of the Super League and the 3 teams in the relegation are fighting in the match. There is nothing in the seven-dimensional group. 8 teams will also have to fight for seven-a-tights. We want to make this league at Mirpur Stadium. It's possible for one week to get it. Knock out or divide into two groups. It will be broadcast on TV. Premier League teams thrive too. '

He said, most importantly, bringing back the visitors to the field is important. If we can do the T20 league, maybe the visitors will come. The main goal, however, will be the Premier League, which is one-day version.

If there are visitors in the Super League, if you can broadcast on TV, then everyone will be encouraged. When the league is popular, the presence of the audience in the field will increase. It will be useful to get marketing or sponsored. If you can bring back Jualos not only the league, the clubs also get sponsored. '

However, in the 2006-07 Premier Division T20 league was held. The T20 league did not last another ten years. If this is really the case, then there will be great things for domestic cricketers and cricket fans.

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