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O Shakib-Mushfiqar, you have reduced the life span of my life
Monday, 19 Mar 2018 12:20 pm
SHNews24.Com - Sports News of the world. live cricket match today, latest cricket news

SHNews24.Com - Sports News of the world. live cricket match today, latest cricket news

Talha Bin Jassim: The end of office time at 6 pm. All-day news about Bangladesh-India finals. Even after the office was not able to go home. I thought it would be OK to miss the event at home. Finally, we have to go to the office. When the game started, the responsibility of updating over the over Facebook over Facebook page of Jamuna Television is not on its own. I saw the whole game saying. And informed the readers. Once you run in front of the TV, then sit in front of the computer and update. As soon as possible, this was the persecution. I know everyone is watching the game sitting in front of the TV, even though there seems to be someone waiting to know. So, as soon as the update was done I was doing it.

The boys of Bangladesh kill four-six, and we shout, jump up and update the information. On the one hand, love, emotion Again, the responsibility to tell others. Every moment is exciting in every moment.

Taking one wicket in Bangladesh and increasing pressure on the nerves. I used to burn inside. When Liton Das was out for 11 runs in the 4th over, I dreamed of Tamim. When Soumya was out for 1 in the next over and Tamim got out for 15, then there was a light rift in the dream. Because the team runs only 27 Still, Mushfiqq and Mahmudullah were hoping to get ahead. In 12 overs, when the four wickets were 82, I was afraid India's batting line-up. We have to run even more. When Mahmudullah runs out wrongly, he gets disturbed. When Shakib is run out, I do not see any other way than calling Allah.

At the end, Sabbir's 77 runs in India gave Bangladesh the target of 167 runs in the target. I'm hoping. Because it runs too much. Despite all these thoughts, my work continues. One kind of feeling on the head and telling the reader to the hand. How many runs, how many overs are going to be said. I'm drowning every word of the game.

After finishing the batting of Bangladesh. The game starts again, we all plan to share various stories. What kind of news will win? According to the preparation is going on. There is a kind of tension between the whole newsroom.
The reader may be watching on TV, but if Bangladesh wins, they can be given the news of different types of things. No news can be missed by the reader in any way.
In the beginning of India's innings, when Rohit Sharma starts 'beaten', we become scared! I pray to God, that Rohit should be out.

At first shout out Dhawan. The situation in the news room is the same. I will make a festivities or update, take a look at the dangers. So fast updates are celebrating my festivities. After a little bit of time when Raina got out of the wicket, that is the skull. Scream Everyone's dream of winning is in the water. The color of the festival festival spreads.

That's what Rohit needs to do to stop 'This is our request'. Rahul Dravid not to ask for this, and if the pavilion of 83 runs in the team can not keep the joy. Together with the announcement of eating Lucie and Chicken ran to bring pressure to one. How will the party move to its plans? Handheld updates She walked the two-way!

When Rohit Sharma gets out in 14 overs, Bhambhanga Matamati Someone hugging Someone shouted Someone ran the panel to cut the picture. Someone started to write news The arrangement of a great priesthood begins. The rift broke. News has to be created. Everyone has come down to work The reader can not think of how to prepare news for a journalist by suppressing his own emotions. I want to celebrate the festival. But doing so will not be given news. However, if India need to win, 63 runs in 36 balls. Shakib may play in the field but we are under pressure from playing in Bangladesh in this field.

Mostafiz gave the 4th dot ball in the 18th over. With every dot ball we shout our hugs. What is a big burden to understand! Somebody is clamoring, someone is screaming. We have forgotten that office. Manish Pandey pulled me out of the chair and pulled me out of the chair. It's the situation. In a news room, the water bottle was banned until one of them was shouting throat. Chillachilli Skip Now everyone is going out of the street to carry out the procession. India need to score 34 runs at the end of 18 overs.

Who gets us That's what we thought we won. That's the only idea that will do the news of the festival. Dinesh Kartik started out of ruble six-four in the over. We become helpless. In front of the horror of horror of dreams. I can not accept The pressure in the chest continues to grow. In the end, 12 runs needed in one over. At every moment we are nervous. What will happen, what will happen! Late to the end or get stuck in the ultimate feeling of bad. Everyone is troubled in doubt. She is a terrible situation.

Wide the first of the 20th over. The mood goes bitterly. Meanwhile, I am updating the reader said. On one hand my readers and my mental state on one hand. I update the reader as soon as possible. Before the ball, write two types of writing. Kartik has written out in one If you want to win another write, run so many runs. I seem to be working in ten hands.

When the next ball is dot. Flutter in the News Room The next one is a run. Inspired excited inside inside. 4 needs to be 10 Stress is off due to tension. 1 run of the next ball Secure! Scream Newsroom brawl in the jump Next to 4 runs scored. We all went silently. The faces are small. Laughs off Jaws are hard on excitement. Tension and Tension. Pressure on pressure.

The next say out. O Allah! Big responsibility to understand who will do. Skip, chilacilli Clapper The newsroom spread unrest. Then need 1 for 5 runs. I think that one moment is so big