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He is the villain, he is the hero
Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018 16:16 pm
SHNews24.Com - Sports News of the world. live cricket match today, latest cricket news

SHNews24.Com - Sports News of the world. live cricket match today, latest cricket news

Three and a half years Many times, many moments Enough for testing or scrutiny. Chandika Hathurusingh has seen Bangladesh cricket very close to this time. The cricketer's pulse and stars are all known. So achieving success against Bangladesh is very much expected. That is the Sri Lanka tour of Bangladesh.

On one hand, after the defeat of Bangladesh in one big defeat, the disciples of Hathurusingh have won. Every time the team wins, the hammer smiles on the face of Hathurusingh

He is the villain, he is the hero. The failure of the autopsy will lead to the failure of the bat-ball performance. But the fear of Hathurusingh will be left behind! Before the start of the series, everyone from the team management started from the team said, 'Hathurusingh will not be a big factor.'

But at the end of the series Hathurusingh has been repeatedly named. Many of the team think that Hathurusingh was a big thorn in the way of success. But in Hathurusingh, as far as the field was not there, more than that was the cause of the brains of the cricketers. Before the start of the Twenty series, technical director Khaled Mahmud Sujon had said directly, 'Hathurushingha seemed to have more boys in the head. There was a negative Mindset about him. '

Bangladesh has suffered due to negative thinking. Because the hosts won the first game, they won In the starting time of taking responsibility, Hathurussingh could not make the Sri Lanka team one. So, alongside Bangladesh, against Sri Lanka in Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka are struggling at the rate of the game. After that the team turned around. First Zimbabwe won the country triumph and won the triple series twice. After that, Hathurusingh, Sri Lanka, out of bounds. Wins the Test and T20 series. So tweeted Hathurusingh on Twitter on the end of the tri-series, "It's not about how I am falling. How strong I am standing, it is important. '

Hathurusingh's disciples stood up and showed how to win. Just how Mashrafe-Sakib was dragged. The losing Bangladesh learns to compete during Hathurusingh. His first assignment was not to tour the West Indies, but later Bangladesh has made one success. Bangladesh, in the semi-finals of the World Cup quarter-finals, Asia Cup finals and Champions Trophy, held by him. And all the successors of the house are also the makers of success. Not being able to say, Hathurusingh was the potent trustee of the cricketers who succeeded in the field and out of the field.

So, losing to the opponent team, Bangladesh lost. Hathurusingh became the biggest opponent of Bangladesh than Sri Lanka. That fear cabu Bangladesh. The entire Bangladesh camp is rambling. The field performance was so clear that the dressing room environment is also serious, unhappy! In addition to the tri-series after Shakib Al Hasan, so that the Bangladesh team becomes unexpected! In the formation of the team, more than one test was to show that Bangladesh is in planning and decisionlessness.

Nidhas trophy ahead in front Bangladesh will play tri-nation T20 tournament against Sri Lanka and India. Bangladesh could not match against Sri Lanka at home The more difficult challenges on their soil are waiting, they are not saying. Hathurushingah will become more powerful attack! Apart from this Virat Kohli has India. At the moment, the Bangladesh team will have to be re-arranged again. The new Twenty20 team will be formed. The mistakes will be corrected. As well as the fear of Hathurusingh has to be removed.