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Kipatami Pakistani star world record!

In the four-six game, cricket is a short format. The batsmen stood for tomorrow in front of the bowlers. On

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Taylor wins the final century in New Zealand

Taylor wins the final century in New Zealand The two teams, however, had the potential to win. New Zealand snatched

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Afridi caught the eye catching charms

Afridi's all-rounder Karishma has seen so many days that fans of the team named him 'Boombum'. Afridi, however, could not

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Kohli is the new captain of India who is the new captain

India's regular captain Virat Kohli will be resting in the upcoming Nidhaus Trophy, it was known earlier. Kohli is the

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Virat Kohli accused of cheating

Virat Kohli is having a good time with the Indian cricket team in South Africa. After winning the one-day series,

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Finally, South Africa won the match against South Africa. Their big win in 188 runs.

Finally, South Africa won the match against South Africa. South Afroica, in the first T-20 match, after losing 5-1 in

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Sri Lankan is not meeting with Kohli?...From bangladesh

Bangladesh team lost in the last two Twenty20 matches against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka on Sunday. Tri-nation T-20 tournament

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Australia top ranked in the series

Australia won the triangular T20 series by defeating New Zealand by 19 runs Ashrao took the top spot in the

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