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Sri Lanka's good start of losing to India

Sri Lanka has started happy triumph in India Hathurusingh's disciples defeated India by 5 wickets in the opening match of the Nidhaus Trophy.

In the match held at Sri Lanka's Colombo on Tuesday, Shikhar Dhawan scored 90 runs to win with 4 wickets, India scored 174 runs. In reply, the hosts decided to win with 9 balls to spare in the scheduled overs.

India lost the toss before losing the toss. The Indian cricket team suffered a major disaster by losing captain Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina just 9 runs. Chamira and Fernando have brought the breakthrough to the team by taking wickets at the beginning. Indian captain Kapil Dev took the catch by dismissing Dhammanta Chamirara. Instead of showing the way to the team that has struggled in his return, Suresh Raina has lost his own way. Rohit returned to 0 runs. Raina opened the book of Ryan.

Shikhar Dhawan scored a 95-run partnership with Manas Pandey for the third wicket. Pandey returned to 37 runs in 35 balls but Dhawan was ruled out of the bowlers. Basically, in his responsibilities, he was able to score 174 runs. From the beginning of the innings, the extraordinary game Dhowan went just around the century, Hoochat Khan. The Indian openers, who scored 90 runs off 49 balls, scored 6 fours and equal chakkara before picking up the catch by Perera.

In reply to Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka also did not start well in batting. Kushal Mendis fell in trouble when he hit 12 runs Kulase Perera made 58 in the second wicket with Guptillakake after his departure. Guantilaka returned after scoring 19 runs and Perera continued to pile on the wicket.

Lankan batsmen struggled to win the team, and the batsmen struggled to score 66 runs in 6 fours and 4 sixes in 37 balls. After his departure Sri Lanka fell into anxiety. However, after the responsible batting, the team reached the winning ports, Theresa Perera.

Short score

India: 174/4 in 20 overs (Dhawan 90, Pandya 37).

Sri Lanka: 175/5 in 18.3 overs (Kulase Perera 66, Perera 22 *).

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