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Sachin's son Arjuna left the cricket!

Sachin Tendulkar's son Arjun Tendulkar has withdrawn his name from the Mumbai T-League league. Arjuna withdrew the name of Tendulkar's brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar Starting on March 11, the event will continue till March 21.

It is known that Arjuna got some injuries a few days ago. Sachin advised not to play the injury due to the injury. Sachin's son Arjuna left the cricket!
At present, various cricketers from Mumbai are playing in different leagues. Some are preparing for the tri-series Twenty-Series Nidhaus Trophy, while some are busy in the Iranian trophy. The organizers of the tournament have taken a big hit after Arjuna took the name.

Indian media reported that Arjuna's physical growth has increased very fast in the last two years. Every two months, his physical growth is seen in the heart. That is why Sachin has got two injuries in a row twice.

Earlier due to injury, Arjuna had to stay outside the field for almost a year. So, this year's injury is not so big that it is so hard that Sachin Tendulkar is so tight that he is not so great,

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