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When Afridi 'Postal Master'!

'Boom Bum Afridi' has made the world's tiger bowlers in the long cricket career. The gallery is full of its huge huge six-o'clock viewers. Franchisee League is still playing one of the greatest hits of the world. Afridi has a big reputation as well as his achievements. Afridi tops the 'duck' in all types of cricket. Do not believe? Let's take a look at the statistics.

What do you call 'dak' must not be explained to the cricket enthusiasts. But it can be said that Shahid Afridi is the only cricketer who has hit 'Duck' in One Day, Test, T-Twenty, IPL, BPL, PSL, Twenty Blast and Ice Cricket Challenge. Even his birthday has a record of his call! In the 2015 World Cup, on his 35th birthday, he called this 'call' in Brisbane against Zimbabwe. Although he was not the only cricketer to hit 'Duck' on birthday.

Afridi's 30 in international one-day cricket, the second highest. Sri Lanka's legendary Sanath Jayasuriya is at the top with 34 points. Afridi's golden duck numbers are 13. Meaning out of the first! Afridi's other legendary Wasim Akram is at the top with more than one Golden Duck.

Afridi, who is at number four in international T-20, is at number four. In this format, his Golden Post 6. Afridi's number one Test score is only six runs in Test cricket due to just 27 Tests stopping. Afridi, the owner of 44 mails in three formats, is in the top 10 list of international 'Doc' masters. Afridi, who is currently playing in the current PSL on March 1, last year, was on his way back to Karachi on March 1,

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