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Afridi caught the eye catching charms

Afridi's all-rounder Karishma has seen so many days that fans of the team named him 'Boombum'. Afridi, however, could not name a special name as a fielder. Afridi caught the eye catching charms.

This former Pakistan captain has responded with a remarkable catch. Afridi has caught the eye of the ball with the ball, and the video is now viral in the social media.

In the 12th over during the batting of Quetta Gladiators in PSL, Umar Amin played a long shot over the bowler's head. The shot was almost bound in the boundary. At that time, Duronto Reflects Balance and Karachi King's Afridi caught.

The first thing to lose was the balance of the boundaries of the boundaries of the ball and the ball floated in the sky and sent it inside the field Bumboom. After completing the catch, Shahid completed the catch. Age 37 passed. After four days, at 38 feet. In this age, he is surprised to see his reflexes. Many people in the social media wrote, 'Vamaki bella bale bhi bhi bhi bhi bhi ki boombaum!'

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