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Kohli is the new captain of India who is the new captain

India's regular captain Virat Kohli will be resting in the upcoming Nidhaus Trophy, it was known earlier. Kohli is the new captain of India who is the new captain.

But who will lead the team in his absence, is not sure. Indian media reported that Rohit Sharma would be the captain of India in the upcoming series due to Kohli's absence.

Nidhas Triangular T-Twenty Trophy begins in Sri Lanka from March 6. Bangladesh and India will play Sri Lanka with the hosts. However, one of Asia's powerful India is not sending full-strength teams to the upcoming series. In this series they are resting a few important players.

India's popular newspaper 'The Times of India' has revealed that India will not play regular players like captain Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Boomara and Haldik Pandya in the Nidhaas Trophy.

That is to say, India is going to play Sri Lanka with a second-string team. This team will be given the opportunity to have several young cricketers And this young team will be led by veteran opening batsman Rohit Sharma.

Earlier, Rohit Sharma had led India in the one-day series against Sri Lanka in the year 2017. Under his leadership, India won two matches in the series, one at a rate

Three nation's Nidahas Trophy will be played in the field from March 6. Sri Lanka and India will face hosts in the opening day.

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