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Virat Kohli accused of cheating

Virat Kohli is having a good time with the Indian cricket team in South Africa. After winning the one-day series, T-20 series was on the way to victory. However, due to the loss of the second match, the series win will be scheduled for the third and final T-Twenty series on Saturday. Punjab National Bank (PNB) has scam crashed in India when Kohli is busy preparing the tactics of the team.

The allegation against the bank has been Rs 11,400 crore corruption. But the question arises, why the name of this bank is coming with Kohli? Because, the Indian captain PNB's ambassador, the brand ambassador!

Sarnamarm situation is underway in PNB money scam in India for several days. It is heard, diamond trader Nirob Modi and his associates have embezzled Rs 11,400 crore in the bank. For this, the company has been responsible for investigating the scandal by an audit firm named 'Price Water House Cooper's (PWC)'. After so many things, Kohli refused to take the bank's ambush.

But PNB has opened on Friday. In an official release, they say that Kohli is still with the organization, "news media reported that the brand ambassador of the bank Virat Kohli has canceled his contract with the Punjab National Bank. It's completely false and wrong. Virat Kohli is our brand ambassador. '

Besides, PNB has denied reports of such huge money scam and audit institutions. But Virat Kohli has not commented on this. Website.

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