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Australia top ranked in the series

Australia won the triangular T20 series by defeating New Zealand by 19 runs Ashrao took the top spot in the Twenty20 rankings by defeating Pakistan by winning the series.

Australia started the top spot in limited-overs cricket this year after the ranking was introduced in 2011.

On Wednesday, winning the toss in the Auckland's Eden Park match on Wednesday, New Zealand made 150 runs in 9 overs in the 20 overs that were set. The Kiwis, who scored 243 runs in the previous match, lost to the Aussie bowlers. Ross Taylor is unbeaten on 43 runs in 38 balls for the team. Australia spinner Aston Agar was the best bowler in the short version. He took 3 wickets for 27 runs.

Australia were bowled out for 151, losing 141 runs in 14.4 overs, after scoring 121 runs in the rain after rain. Afterwards, the game was not played in the field and eventually, by the Duckworth-Lewis method, they won by 19 runs. D. Irchi was out in the top 50 for the team. Opener David Warner, 25 The team, led by David Warner, won the series unbeaten after winning the match. That means Australia won all five matches against New Zealand and England.

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