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Rabada Again did the same mistake

Gradually, Radda is punished for such behavior. ICC Code of Conduct in 2.1.7 of the Code of Criminal Procedure After the out-of-favor batsman is out, the aggression against the ICC Code of Conduct.

As a result, match referee Andrew Pilcott was fined 15 per cent of his match fee. At the same time, his account adds a 'Demert Point'. In the event of a combination of four dismissals in one year, the respected cricketer is exiled from a test or two limited overs matches. In the month of 24 months, a player with a Test and two limited-overs matches or four limited-overs matches, if the demurrue point 8 is exiled,

Rowda has already added 5 demurricket points to her account. In February last year, 3 points in one-day cricket against Sri Lanka and the one-off in the Lord's Test against England in July was added to the suspension account. As a result, he could not take part in the Trent Bridge Test. Again, Kagiso repeated the same mistake.

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