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Hathurusingh ready to face spin challenge

At the time of the Test wicket, he also talks with him. The spinners in the Bangladesh used to scream a lot of the squads that he saw as the captain. However, the presence of six specialist spinners in the squad did not surprise him. Rather he is very excited to deal with this spin challenge.

Hathurusingh said, 'To be honest, I am not surprised. Because they have succeeded in this strategy recently. They might want to keep the path of success. But we are ready to face that challenge. In the subcontinent, spinners will play in each match. The challenge will always be there. We have plans and we will try to implement it.

Shakib Al Hasan, Bangladesh's best-known cricketer, will not be able to play in Chittagong due to injury. With the lack of lack of support, the selectors have organized a lot of spinners. Hathurusingho understand the matter However, there is not much of a concern about Shakib's absence-Hathurusingh Its goal is only good results.

He said, 'Unfortunately Shakib is not, it is a bit of a problem for them. It has shuffled their XI. I think they have called some spinners to the team to bring balance to the team. Shakib is a really good player. Unfortunately he got the injury in the last match. We do not want to think about this matter as a team. We are looking forward to the series.

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