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India beat Sri Lanka by five wickets in the final

Due to the rain and wet-out field, the tri-series T20 series in the fourth match of the Nidhaus Trophy is

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Afghanistan defeats West Indies

Afghanistan has started World Cup qualification for hot favorites. However, the group could not match the same way in

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Afghanistan is not in the World Cup!

Afghanistan started the World Cup qualifying as hot favorites. Afghans gave a glimpse of the West Indies defeat in the

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Acting captain Nidhas Trophy starts today in Sri Lanka

The difference between ranking and form, there is one great place in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. Under the leadership

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India is under pressure in the beginning

India have been in trouble after losing the toss The Indian cricket team suffered a major disaster by losing captain

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Sri Lanka's good start of losing to India

Sri Lanka has started happy triumph in India Hathurusingh's disciples defeated India by 5 wickets in the opening match of

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Australia went on to win Durban

Australia had almost assured of victory in the last ball of the day. On the fifth day guests did not

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Sachin's son Arjuna left the cricket!

Sachin Tendulkar's son Arjun Tendulkar has withdrawn his name from the Mumbai T-League league. Arjuna withdrew the name of Tendulkar's

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