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Anushka-Baraat is in heaven

Anushka-great pair of newly married couples did not have the motivation for the love and marriage of their devotees. There is no end to encouragement. Where are they after marriage? How is their honeymoon?

Although the Indian media has said that the pair are in Mumbai now, Anushka Sharma's Instagram picture shows it differently. Anushka-Virat in Honey Chandramaritya But it is not known where they went to Honey Chandramaritya. However, if they see their combined selpha in Instagram, it can be assumed that it could be a cascading area of ​​Europe. Where can it be? Italy? Where they were married. Or is Switzerland?

But wherever they are, they are enjoying their honeymoon. So the 29-year-old actress wrote in her selfie caption, "I'm in heaven with one word."

Within 20 minutes of posting, his fans have made his cell phone viral. Two lakhs of likes were found in 20 minutes and they found this selfie. And with them there are comments like 'Excellent', 'extraordinary pair'.

Virat-Anushka got married in Tusceni Resort on December 11. Their wedding reception is also due to return from Madhucchandrima on December 26, Delhi.

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