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Rani, suffering from the same problem for 22 years

Bollywood star Rani Mukherjee suffers from a physical problem for 22 years. But he has kept this problem hidden from everyone so long. But now he talked to reporters about his problem. Rani's picture 'Hichki' is being released next year. And in this film, he will be seen in the stables. The most surprising thing is that the actress's character in the film 'Hitchky' is about her real life!

Recently the queen said, 'I have been very aware of my problem of extortion. But now I have overcome the problem. For 22 years I have been suffering from tiredness, many of them have not been able to understand. Even my team did not know anything about this for many years. I have done a lot for someone who can not catch up. Today I have got rid of this problem.

During the shooting, the queen was very careful about the dialogue. And he was very careful about where to stop during the dialogue. Producer-director Aditya Chopra's wife Rani said, 'I have tried to see positive aspects of life in all respects. And he got the benefit. When I see smile in my daughter Adirah, I am very happy. And for Adirah, I can overcome the grief of my father's death somewhat.

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