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Todays,at the age of 28, Bahubali's 'Avantika' kept his foot

Tamanna Bhatia, the actress known as 'Milky Beauty' in the Indian film world This is what happened in the Bahubali film since he played the role of a warrior abantika. Today's 28th birthday, which is a hapless tone in the heart of thousands of alias Tamanna. In 1989, today Tamanna was born in a diamond merchant house in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

He starred in Telugu and Tamil films. However, in 2005, 'Chand Sawson Cheshra' went on film in Bollywood. Surprised, he was only 15 years old at the time. But at that age, young people have made a sleepless look in the movie.

In the same year, for the first time, he made his Telugu debut with 'Sri' and in the following year he also starred in his first Tamil film, Kedy. In 2007, she starred in the Telugu film 'Happy Day' and Tamil film 'Kalolori' based on the college life.

His business fixtures include Tamil film 'Ayan', 'Pyaa' and 'Siruthai'. In 2011, he returned to Telugu film '100% profit'. Other movies are 'Razha', 'Cameraman Ganges Tho Ramababu', 'Thadaka', 'Agadhu', 'Bahubali: The Biging', 'Bengal Tiger', 'Opiree'. It is understandable that he has already established himself as a contemporary actress in Telugu film.

He is also experienced and skilled in speaking Tamil in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English languages. As awards, South Scope, Cinema Award, Border, Asiashishan, Asia Net, TV Nine, Vijay and others have won cinematic prizes. In addition to the film, he has already worked in many advertisements. He is currently busy shooting for a movie

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